Scratch Logo


Ages: 8 - 11

July 6th - July 10th FULL

The perfect class to take for kids who would like to learn more about the fundamentals of programming. Very little code is written, rather fundamental programming concepts are learned in more visual and puzzle-like envirnments.

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HTML5 Logo

Web Design and Development

Ages: 10 - 15

July 13th - July 17th FULL
July 27th - July 31th
August 10th - August 14th

Students will learn how to structure basic web pages to later build upon and improve using tools like CSS, Javascript, and PHP. By the end of the week, the student should have their own website to show off to friends and family.

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Gamemaker Logo


Ages: 9 - 12

July 20th - July 24th FULL
August 3rd - August 7th FULL
August 17th - August 21th FULL

Gamemaker is a user-friendly program to help introduce the concept of game development to students. Students will spend the week developing their own game with their own artwork and designs.

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Python Logo


Ages: 12 - 15

July 27th - July 31st FULL

Python is a general purpose language used for a wide range of projects. Students will spend the week learning the in's and out's of Python along-side college-students well versed in the language and its uses in the real world.

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Java Logo


Ages: 12 - 15

August 3rd - August 7th FULL

Java is great language to be familiar with due to its ability to run on almost any computer. Students will leave with an understanding of Object-Oriented Programming and data structures like linked-lists and arrays.

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